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This is the Official Channel for Nagpuri Songs made In Jharkhand and related states in India. We publish videos from Rajdhani Series, Kiran Audio, Deepak Series, Sonali Cassettes and others which we hold Digital Rights. We Also Provide Digital Content Services to Music Companies. Some of the companies that have tied up with us are NK Music, Sona Music, Sonali Cassettes, etc. Our Website: We used to make and publish videos under several sub brands before but from now on we shall only publish under the name and style of Shiva Music to maintain Consistency and any one uploading these videos will be severely punished under the Jurisdiction of Ranchi Courts. What We offer : Nagpuri Songs, Santhali Songs, Mundari Songs, Odia Songs, Bangla Purulia Songs, Kudukh Songs, and Khortha Songs.

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