Shiva Music, a trailblazer in the Eastern Indian music scene since 1983. We are a leading music label dedicated to promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage of West Bengal and Jharkhand. Our mission is to bring regional music to a broader audience, allowing the unique voices and traditions of these areas to be celebrated on a national and international stage.

Yash Suneja

Yash Suneja

Yash Raj Suneja, Shiva Music has transformed into a dynamic force within the entertainment industry. Since taking over in 2022, Mr. Suneja has leveraged his creativity and passion to expand our reach and influence. His multifaceted background as an actor, model, and award-winning photographer has been instrumental in shaping Shiva Music’s journey toward excellence.

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Our Pride


Shiva Music’s dedication to quality and innovation is reflected in our award-winning accomplishments. We are honored to have received two prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Awards for Best Content Creation in Jharkhand (Nagpuri and Santali Songs) and West Bengal (Purulia Bangla Songs). Additionally, we have been recognized with the Arch of Excellence award for our role in promoting regional music and culture. These accolades are a testament to our commitment to revitalizing the regional music scene and our ongoing efforts to keep traditional music alive.


What we do

Our gallery includes a diverse range of music, videos, and short movies in various languages and genres. Our sub-labels cater to different regional tastes, from Shiva Music Jhollywood focusing on Jharkhand’s Nagpuri and Bangla content to Shiva Music Amar Bangla, which explores the Bengali music landscape. We also operate Shiva Music Hamar Jharkhand, embracing the rich cultural diversity of the region, and Shiva Music Regional, which brings together music from across Eastern India.

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