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Shiva Music is the leading Music company of Jharkhand and West Bengal. Shiva Music is diversified in several regional Indian languages through it’s several sub music labels. Started in the year 1983, the Mission and Vision of Shiva Music has always been to make quality music in all regional languages and keep the values of the regional language maintained. With over 9 Awards ( 3 YouTube Gold Button Award and 6 YouTube Silver Button Awards) Shiva Music remains the best Music Company of West Bengal and Jharkhand. The CEO and Director of Shiva Music, Mr. Yash Raj Suneja quotes “We shall strive in every possible manner to maintain our present dignity and expand into new music horizons.”

Shiva Music Hamar Jharkhand

Jharkhand has a rich cultural heritage and many languages. The main languages of Jharkhand being Nagpuri, Khortha, Santali. Ho Munda etc. 

The sub music label name "Shiva Music Hamar Jharkhand" itself suggests the ownership of Jharkhand by it's own people. The languages and relions may differ but we are bound by one land.

Shiva Music Hamar Jharkhand has Music Videos and Films from all these languages under this Sub Music Label.

Shiva Music Bhojpuri MrCinefaces

Mr. Yash Raj Suneja entered into the new horizon of Bhojpuri Language Music Videos and Films in the year 2014. The Sub Music Label was named Shiva Music Bhojpuri MrCinefaces. 

Presently , Shiva Music also produces Khortha language songs under this sub label as Khortha language is the Bhojpuri of Jharkhand.

Shiva Music Bhojpuri Mrcinefaces has won 1 YouTube Silver Button Award.

Shiva Music Amar Bangla

Mr. Yash Raj Suneja expanded to Bengali Music industry in the year 2015 and the sub music label was named Shiva Music Amar Bangla.

Shiva Music Amar Bangla has a varied range of Bengali song, such as Manbhum Bangla (Purulia Songs), Main Bengali, and Bangladeshi.

Shiva Music Amar Bangla has won 1 YouTube Silver Button Award and 1 YouTube Gold Button Award.

Shiva Music Jhollywood

Jhollywood refers to the Music and film industry of Jharkhand, which includes mainly Nagpuri and Bangla but excludes Khortha and Santhali.

Under Shiva Music Jhollywood sub label, you shall find the oldest collection of Nagpuri and Bangla songs including films.

Shiva Music Jhollywood has won 1 YouTube Silver Button Award.

Shiva Music Regional

Shiva Music when taken over by Mr. Yash Raj Suneja, he started content aggregation from all the States of Eastern India. 

The Shiva Music Regional Sub label mainly has Nagpuri (Sadri), Santhali, Khortha, Bangla, Odia, Sambalpuri Language Songs and Music Videos.

Shiva Music Regional has won 1 YouTube Silver Button Award and 1 YouTube Gold Button Award.

Shiva Music Bhakti Sagar

Started in the year 2014, Shiva Music Bhakti Sagar mainly has Bhakti and Bhajan Songs in Nagpuri, Khortha, Bangla and Bhojpuri Language. It has Hindu Gods Songs and also Christian Devotional Songs.


Shiva Music Baccha Party

Shiva Music Baccha Party is a Unit/Brand registered under Shivamadhur Digital Private limited. Shiva Music Baccha Party Releases cartoon, Movies and cartoon shows, and popular cartoon show , Hindi , Languages. The Videos are released under the Music/ cartoon Label Shiva Music Baccha Party and Shiva Music Shiva Music Banglar Geeti Which are also registered units of Shivamadhur Digital Private Limited. Shiva Music Films also releases content that Shivamadhur Digital Private Limited has acquired through Exclusive digital rights agreement.

Press Release

Shiva Music has received coverage in local newspapers multiple times. This kind of media coverage can help increase the visibility of the company and its content, potentially leading to more fans and subscribers. It also highlights the quality of their work and their impact on the local entertainment industry.

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