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Purulia Song – Lal Lonka #Sareelover | Bong Beauty | Piyali Nandy | Pink Saree | Episode 1 | Bengali/Bangal Video Gaan

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Pink has always been an eternal favourite colour for women and girls! Infact, you would be shocked to hear if a girl says she dislikes Pink! This pretty colour symbolises feminine beauty, delicateness, cute, charming, playful and of course, sweetness! We are sure all of us, as women love to associated with at least one of these characteristics. This is why we bring to you in this article, the latest and trending 20 Pink Colour Saree Designs! By the way, have you ever heard a lady say, she has too many pink sarees? No, right! Let’s hop on and choose our favourite picks!

Importance Of Pink Sarees:
Pink is a universally accepted and loved colour by women! Especially Indian women love to get dressed in this lovely hue by wearing a Pink Sari. The freshness that these outfits offer is unmatched to any other colour. From day events to weddings, pink sarees can make you shine without making putting in many efforts. Whether you have a fair skin tone or dark-skinned, Pink sarees can elevate your beauty to a whole new level!

Features Of Pink Sarees:
Here are some interesting features of Pink Saris:

Women widely opt pink Sarees for all important occasions of their life
It is considered to be auspicious to wear rose coloured clothes in many cultures
The original Pink sarees were dyes using Rose petals and Pomegranate Skins and Seeds
Pink sarees are offered in many shades by mixing with different colours
Pale Pink, Powder Pink fall under the Pastels, which are now trending in day wedding couture
Darker and vibrant shades of Pink can be attained by blending the basic pink with violet, blue, red or purple.
These sarees are come with a variety of embellishments to suit various occasions.
Preferred Age Group For Pink Sarees:
Pink saris are suitable for all segments of women. From a teenager to a middle-aged woman, these lovely drapes can make any person blush! While women between 20-40 usually pick the light-weight, transparent fabrics, the stiffer varieties are chosen by elder women.

Plain Pink Saree:
Want to get a dainty look? Check out this plain linen sari in light pink. This is one of the best attires for hot summers of India. The breeziness of linen, with the pleasant pink shade, makes it a pretty piece. A silver border woven with the linen threads renders a pretty shine to the saree.

Producer: Yash Raj Suneja
Casting : Avijit Mallik
Bengali Purulia Song – Lal Lonka
Makeup – Anamika Sarkhel
DOP – Pappu Khan
Model – Piyali Nandy

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